General Astrology Predictions for 1st January 2018 to 14th January 2018

To every problem , the best medicine is deep prayer or meditation according to your beliefs.

Note: The star name are given in Malayalam. Please Refer  Nakshatra Chart  for translation of star names to your language
Note: These are general predictions based on actual mathematical calculations according to Traditional Astrology (No Softwares Used). 



1  Prediction for Mesha (Aswathy,Bharani,Karthika 1/4)

General :Mostly this group experience positivity during this period

Financial : Better Financial results may be observed during this period.

Personal : Some relation losses and gloominess are probable.

Students : Can expect good result.

Career : Better, Expect new opportunities.


2  Prediction for Rishaba (Karthika 3/4,Rohini,Makayiram 1/2)

General : Even though period is comparatively not pleasant, towards the end of the period it will get better.

Financial : Be careful in financial dealings .

Personal : Watch out for Love failure and family problems. Can be avoided if managed carefully

Students : Must work harder

Career : Expect mental stress but will get better towards the end of the period.



3  Prediction for Midhunam (Makayiram 1/2,Thiruvathira,Punartham 3/4)

General : Good in general, may hear happy news but health wise not pleasant.

Financial : Will revive losses.

Personal : Expectations can be fulfilled but there can be minor obstacles

Students : Must work harder. Generally not pleasant for students.

Career : Average result.


4  Prediction for Karkidakam (Punartham 1/4,Pooyam,Ayilyam)

General : Better in general,

Financial : Better

Personal : Healthwise better,  may get good experiences , still star bearers’ children or close people may suffer from health problems.

Students : Can expect good result

Career : Better



5  Prediction for Chinga (Makam , Pooram , Uthram)

General : Time of losses both financial and emotional, yet towards end of the period everything will get better.

Financial : Be careful to avoid liabilities.

Personal : Be careful with relationship

Students : Should work extreme hard.

Career : Expect dull experiences.


6  Prediction for Kanni (Uthram 3/4, Atham , Chithira 1/2)

General : Mixed results. Not good yet not bad.

Financial : Moderately better

Personal : Avoid drug use ,  life partner and family will get happiness.

Students : Good time for students

Career : Chance for career wise growth and approval.


7  Prediction for Thulam  (Chithira 1/2, Chothi/Swathi  , Vishakam 3/4)

General : Comparatively Better .

Financial : But financially not sound

Personal : Health Improves and quality of life increases. Chance for buying automobile.

Students : Improvement in studies and chance for higher education.

Career : Businessmen get better chances.


8  Prediction for Vrischikam (Vishakam 1/4, Anizham  ,Thriketta)

General : Not too pleasant.

Financial : May experience unexpected expenses.

Personal : Chances for emotional agonies. Unfortunate delays. Family problems will get settled.

Students : Better time for students.

Career : Businessmen get progress delays


9  Prediction for Dhanush (Moolam , Pooradam  , Uthradam 1/4 )

General : Time is better.

Financial : Will get good profit..

Personal : Problems will be solved, but irrational fear can be experienced , Chances for new enemies, healthwise average.

Students : Better result for students.

Career : Businessmen get positive progress


10  Prediction for Makaram (Avittam 1/2 , Thiruvonam  , Uthradam 3/4 )

General : Stressful Period.

Financial : Loans may get delayed.

Personal : May be subjected to false rumours. Trips may get postponed.

Students : Avoid journeys.

Career : Existing career problems may extend to next period.


11  Prediction for  Kumbham (Avittam 1/2 , Chathayam ,Pooruruttathi 3/4 )

General : Comparatively better.

Financial : May get expecting funds.

Personal : Desires may get Fulfilled. Time for starting constructions. Some miseries may be experienced towards the end of period.

Students : Good time

Career : Better time. No noticable changes.


12  Prediction for  Meenam (Pooruruttathi 1/4 , Uthrittathi  ,Revathi )

General :  Mixed results, Will get good towards weekend,

Financial : Better financially , but expenses may increase.

Personal : Time for small health problem, Tendency to postpone things are inevitable.

Students : Average result for students.

Career : May get approvals and appreciations.

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